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Volunteering for Wesway


Help a family take a much-needed break.
Respite care is a crucial part of the overall support many people need when caring for a family member at home. We will strive to make the best possible match for you. We want you to have a meaningful and personally satisfying volunteer experience.

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Host Families

Have you thought about volunteering as a family? Want to make a difference and give your time in a way that has meaning and fulfillment? Families come in all shapes and sizes; Wesway is looking for Host Family Volunteers to invite someone into your home for a short stay who has a disability. Have fun and invite someone to enjoy the same activities you enjoy with your family! 

Community Friends

Share your favourite activities with a participant who has similar interests. Enjoy social or recreational activities for a few hours every week or two. It’s a great opportunity to make friends and explore our community.


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For more information, on volunteer opportunities, please call Ashley Fratpietro at 625-6691 or email afratpietro@wesway.com

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