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Giving to Wesway

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Why Should I Donate to Wesway?

Donations to Wesway allow us to expand crisis support to families needing some extra respite in times of great difficulty. Donations also help enhance the home-like environment of our Respite Homes. In addition, donations help supplement our other funding  and allow us to serve more families.

Your support will make a real difference in the lives of the people we serve.


How can I give to Wesway?

There are many ways to ensure that quality respite care is provided to families who need it – general donations, in memoriam gifts, and crisis fund contributions.

The "Make a Donation" button will allow you to make an online donation directly through Canada Helps. Donations can be made on a one time basis or as a monthly gift. Your donation will be processed immediately and Canada Helps will send you a printable donation receipt.


You can also mail or personally deliver your donation to the Wesway office. See our contact page for details.

Make a Donation

All financial donations to Wesway are tax deductible. For more information about making a donation to Wesway, call 623-2353 or e-mail: respite@wesway.com

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