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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I need to have certain skills and experience to become a volunteer with Wesway?

Our volunteer’s skills and experience varies and can be educational, personal experience, professional experience and/or a compassionate, non-judgmental attitude.


How do I meet someone I want to volunteer with?

Our volunteers go through an extensive matching process. We conduct matching possibilities and pre-placement visits.


Where does volunteering take place?

Volunteering can take place in the family’s home, in your home or in the community depending on the type of volunteering that’s chosen.


Can I volunteer with my family?

Absolutely! We have our Host Family Volunteer service. Our Host Family volunteers provide periods of respite by welcoming a child or adult with a disability into their home. The host family engages the individual in their home and into their family’s activities for a few hours or for an over night on the weekend. This type of volunteering allows children of the family to have the opportunity to learn from someone who experiences a disability, and they can become ambassadors for the future.

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