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A Message From a Wesway Family


Dear Friend of Wesway,

Bobby and I were married for 58 years. Together we raised a son and a daughter and have two grandchildren. Most recently we celebrated the birth of our great-granddaughter. Bobby was a wise man, both kind and eager to help others. Always smiling, he was known for his love of ice cream, reading and music.


Bobby passed away earlier this year after dealing with Vascular Dementia for eight years. Initially it was the little things that forced me to realize that something was wrong. For example, he would sit and read as he had always done, but now he wasn’t turning the pages. And, after the two of us had been swimming together for 30 years, suddenly he was reluctant to enter the pool.


After his diagnosis, my sister encouraged me to call Wesway. I started out slow at first and used the service once a week, but I was phoning home the whole time I was out.  I started to get more comfortable as I observed how caring the staff was with Bobby. He loved that they were able to take him out for coffee.


Then I landed in the hospital for 5 weeks after an emergency surgery. Wesway service was unbelievable! They had staff care for Bobby at all hours of the day.  It was so organized and the Wesway staff even brought Bobby up to visit me.


When Bobby’s health began to deteriorate we began to use the Respite Home so that I could have longer periods of respite. It is an amazing place with kind, compassionate staff. Eventually his health required hospice care and Bobby was able to die at home. Wesway continued to provide respite through this difficult time.


Wesway is the best outfit! Bobby and I always donated to Wesway because our family benefitted and I continue to donate today.  Your family might need Wesway someday too. Please join me in supporting this important community service.






Karin Di Giuseppe

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