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A Message From a Wesway Family

Dear Friend of Wesway,

David and I have always been very independent people.  We had our family, lots of friends, we both worked and we were involved in numerous social activities. Then, months after David’s retirement, David became very ill with heart disease. His health condition deteriorated and resulted in significant care needs.

Many months were spent dealing with David’s recovery, in hospital and at home, as the two of us adapted to David’s new set of needs and routines. I quickly learned that I was totally responsible for our daily living. It didn’t matter how small of a problem, it was a problem that fell on my shoulders, and I was overwhelmed.

It was hard to ask for help but I contacted Wesway about 9 years ago. Originally, I called when I realized that I was feeling isolated and I needed a regular break from caregiving. Wesway’s support allowed me to meet up with my girlfriends for lunch while David was cared for by a Respite Worker.

Reflecting back, I don’t know how we would have managed in recent years. David and I have both been in and out of the hospital. I experienced some serious health issues and suddenly I found myself at home as an amputee using a wheelchair and a prosthetic and still a caregiver to my husband. It was a terrible time.

Wesway has been there for us through every step of this journey, reaching out with regular support and assisting us in times of crisis. I can count on Wesway. Wesway’s flexibility means that I can arrange the respite that I need. When David has been well, the Respite Worker takes him out to enjoy the community. When he has not been well enough to go out, she stays at the house with him and this still allows me to rest.

We’ve had wonderful people support us through the years. That is very important to me as it takes time to build trust and relationships when you have support staff coming into your home.  I appreciate Wesway staff more than I can express and I want them to know that I don’t know what I would do without them.

I tell everyone about Wesway. I will donate and support Wesway in any way I can. Please join me in supporting families in our community who count on these financial donations.


Sharon Murray



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