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Working for Families


Direct Respite Provider

Are you interested in flexible, meaningful work? Respite gives family caregivers a chance to renew their energy, and providing that short break can be a rewarding and satisfying work experience.

Family caregivers who use Wesway's Family Directed Respite Funding need to find someone to help them get a needed break. Direct Respite Providers meet those needs by providing short periods of respite care. Direct Respite Providers provide active living opportunities for a child, adult or senior with an eligible disability or chronic health condition, by spending time with them in the family home or out in their community.

Direct Respite Providers work directly for the family they provide with respite, and are not employed by Wesway.

How to become a Direct Respite Provider

There are two ways to begin the processes. If you live in the City or east of Thunder Bay, you can visit, an online tool for families and workers, for information on becoming an direct respite provider with a Wesway family. If you prefer, or if you live west of Thunder Bay, please send your resume to Karen MacTavish, or call Karen at (807) 625-6696. For the east of Thunder Bay, please send your resume to Brittany Fryia or call Brittany at (807) 625-6646. You can also reach us Toll Free at (888) 623-2353.

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