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Quality Assurance

Code of Ethics

Employees, volunteers and others acting on behalf of Wesway perform their duties in a manner which respects the worth, dignity and individuality of all people.

Feedback & Complaints

Wesway’s processes for complaints and feedback are a vital component of providing quality services, which are responsive to people’s strengths, needs and preferences.  These processes are integral to our quality improvement systems, and assist us in taking appropriate courses of action to better support the families we serve, improve our internal practices and mitigate risk for the organization. Wesway works in partnership with families and all other stakeholders to resolve complaints in a fair and equitable manner, within the context of available resources.

Duty of Care

Employees, volunteers and others acting on behalf of Wesway provide quality respite care and support for participants and families in a respectful and conscientious manner.

Rights of Individuals & Families

In compliance with all relevant legislation, Wesway fully respects and promotes the rights and freedoms of the people we serve with competence, honesty, integrity and concern for their health, safety and well-being. 


These are some highlighted policies Wesway has related to Quality Assurance. To learn about Wesway's additional Quality Assurance policies, please contact us.

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