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Health and Safety Officer

Primary Function:

Under the direction of the Manager of Human Resources, the Health and Safety Officer is
accountable for planning, organizing, developing and delivering an efficient program to meet the
health and safety needs of all employees of Wesway, and will ensure that all services operate in
accordance with Wesway’s philosophy, collective agreement, policies and procedures and applicable
Ministry guidelines and legislation.


Roles and Responsibilities:


Health and Safety Services & Programs

  • Develop, recommend and administer employee Health and Safety programs in conjunction with the JHSC (Joint Health and Safety Committee), Manager of Human Resources and Executive Director
  • Conduct accident investigations as required (i.e. critical injury) and support Supervisors with investigations as needed
  • Receive all Accident Investigation forms and supporting Incident Report Forms and ensure review, follow-up and action of all injuries and incidents, including recommendations for discipline as applicable.
  • Monitor the effectiveness and relevance of specific training (i.e. health and safety orientation, backcare awareness and lifting, universal precautions, Hepatitis B immunization, WHMIS, CPR/First Aid, etc.)
  • Act as a resource in health and safety issues to all employees and supervisors
  • Work with representatives from the Ministry of Labour, Health Unit, etc. regarding inspections, immunizations, communicable diseases, etc.
  • Work in conjunction with Consultants and Health and Safety Associations as appropriate (i.e. best practices)
  • Lead the Joint Health and Safety Committee in recommending and implementing Wesway’s Health and Safety Program
  • Co-Chair the Joint Health and Safety committee
  • Ensure JHSC members are certified
  • Ensure regular health and safety inspections occur and reviews each monthly inspection report to ensure timely correction of identified hazards and the completion of and return of the forms. Report to the JHSC at each meeting.
  • Ensure communication with appropriate Supervisors/Managers
  • Research and apply best practices in health and safety and act as a resource in the analysis and response to emerging issues
  • Share knowledge and expertise in health and safety issues with the JHSC committee
  • Maintain progressive business relationships with Ministry of Labour, WSIB representatives and union elected representatives
  • Chair the Wellness Committee
  • Coordinate sub-committee or work groups as required
  • Report health and safety items at all staff meetings as a standing agenda item
  • Act a resource to employees regarding equipment purchases, ensuring compliance with legislative and safety standards, as required
  • Disseminate health and safety information (i.e. health and safety articles, newsletters, legislation updates, etc.)
  • Responsible to create a Health and Safety article for the Respite Worker Communiqué on a quarterly basis
  • Ensure AODA Compliance and keep current with all AODA requirements


Employee Health Records

  • Maintain confidentiality of records and information
  • Ensure employee health information is maintained with health history and current, accurate information and in compliance with legislation
  • Efficiently report and document all workers’ compensation claims (i.e. completes Form 7s, maintain claims correspondence)
  • Track and input health related information into the Human Resources Information Systems and appropriate databases


Disability Management

  • Coordinate the disability management program for work and non-work related illness and injuries including facilitating regular meetings, monitors workers’ progress, maintains contact with WSIB, physician/therapist and prepares corresponding communication as required
  • Complete and submit WSIB correspondence for injuries or ill workers as per legislative requirements
  • Prepare all required appeals and applications
  • Work with Supervisors to establish employee return to work programs
  • Evaluate injured workers’ progress and ensures that regular contact is maintained with injured worker
  • Maintain regular contact with Workplace Safety Insurance Board Claims adjudicators
  • Ensure appropriate documentation is maintained in the WSIB and non-work related files as per applicable legislation
  • Arrange to have health assessments and functional abilities evaluations, etc. performed based on consultations with the Manager of Human Resources and Supervisors (i.e. to assess employee’s ability to perform routine jobs in relation to current health status and return from WSIB, etc.)
  • Analyze employee incidents, prepares monthly statistics regarding incidents, medical leaves and lost time/no lost time injuries. Report to the JHSC at each meeting.
  • Monitor WSIB costs and make recommendations to reduce costs Policy and Procedure Development
  • Develop and recommend Health and Safety Policies and Procedures in conjunction with JHSC
  • Review, revise and recommend policies as required


Health and Safety Orientation

  • Develop and recommend the orientation of new employees regarding Health & Safety Programs and WSIB Legislation
  • Participate in the orientation of new employees


Employee and Family Assistance Program Administration

  • Provide referral services to employees experiencing problems, whether personal or work related, encouraging EFAP participation
  • Act as the contact for Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), analyzes services and makes recommendations


Finance and Statistics

  • Project, report, monitor and expend Health and Safety related budgets
  • Input, track, record and report statistical health and safety related data as required
  • Prepare statistical reports as directed


Personal and Professional Development

  • Keep knowledgeable of present trends in health care programs and related matters and implements these within Wesway’s Health & Safety Program
  • Participate in professional organizations/development
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Wesway’s Health and Safety program by networking with other community agencies
  • Actively pursue relevant training opportunities related to professional learning needs as identified in the performance review process
  • Keep abreast of new developments and trends in health and safety and human resources practices through review of professional literature and participation in professional development opportunities as required and available



  • As a member of the human resources team, is cross-trained in multiple job functions within the department to provide coverage and back-up to other human resources staff members
  • Participate in agency committees and projects, as required
  • Perform other duties as assigned



  • University degree or college diploma in Human Resources from a recognized academic institution, and a minimum of three years of experience coordinating a Health and Safety program
  • Certified in Part One and Part Two, Joint Health and Safety, Sector Specific
  • Possesses a working knowledge of the applicable legislation necessary to coordinate a Health and Safety program
  • Must work in compliance with the provisions of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Regulations pursuant to it
  • Proven WSIB claims management experience
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills are necessary
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to function both independently and in a team environment
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation is a definite asset
  • Current (or will to obtain) First Aid and CPR
  • Knowledge of AODA legislation and it’s requirements
  • Fire Safety Training Certified or will to obtain
  • Able to work flexible hours (evenings or weekends) as required
  • A valid driver’s license and access to a reliable vehicle is required
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