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Volunteer Opportunity

Would you like to become a Wesway Volunteer?? We have these opportunities and more!

A young man who enjoys the outdoors is looking for a Host Family Volunteer. He loves nature, walking, swimming, comic book stores, the library and much more.

An adult woman is looking for a Gym Partner who is out-going and consistent. She loves Movati, is very social and enjoys music, swimming, dancing & working out! She is looking for a volunteer who would attend an evening exercise class weekly or bi-weekly.

A young man is looking for a Community Friend Volunteer who shares the love of the Toronto Maple Leaf’s. He also enjoys board games, bowling & activities at home!

A young girl who is quiet but social is looking for a Community Friend Volunteer. She enjoys board-games, glamour (nail polish etc.), movies, arts & crafts, swimming, bowling, reading and the computer!

Please call and speak to Ashley Fratpietro at 625-6691 or email

We would love to hear from you today!




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